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Quartz is quickly becoming one of the most popular counter top surfaces among homeowners and designers.  It offers a positive features like consistent beauty, extreme durability, and almost no maintenance. If you’re just not sure if quartz is right for you, this blog helps you to get to know more and decide the best Quartz Counter-tops before taking the plunge.


How They Are Made

This beautiful man-made material, which consists of natural stone fused with polymer resins, the resulting surface is very hard, like granite, but also glossy and non-porous. The pattern depends on the texture of the stone used in the process. Coarser pieces of produce a flecked appearance, while smoother, finer pieces produces a more uniform color pattern. Different colors can be produced by adding different pigments during the manufacturing process. Most people prefer a more natural look, but some have vibrant color options that wouldn’t be found in nature.

Once you pick the slab that you want to use for your counter-tops, it is cut down to fit your design and fabricated to include details such as edging and cutouts for sinks and appliances. Because it’s such a heavy material, it’s best installed by professionals.


Quartz Counter Tops  Vs.  Granite

Both are stone, only granite is 100% natural. The resins and polymers used to create quartz countertops makes them completely nonporous, which means they should be impervious to stains. Granite is completely natural and can be very porous, meaning that if you don’t seal it properly and regularly you could see stains develop from even small spills.

Quartz is also scratch and chip-resistant, since its polymers and resins give it a little more flexibility than natural stone. However, unlike granite, the resin in engineered counters is not heat resistant, so you can’t take your pans from the stove to the countertop like you can with granite. Both are very hard materials, though granite is easier to chip if you drop a heavy object on it.


Large Brands That Dominate the Market




When looking at the various brands of quartz sold for use as countertops, you’ll likely come across a few that are more popular than the others. One of these brands you’ll likely see pretty often is the Silestone brand. Silestone offers all the benefits — durability, low maintenance, really hard surface — and comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes. It’s probably the most well-known brand name and is often heavily promoted by retailers.







Caesarstone is known for pushing the design envelope.  Its Concetto Collection includes ten surfaces that incorporate semi-precious stones such as agate, dumortierite, tiger’s eye, and even petrified wood.  Its Motivo Collection offers deep embossing in crocodile skin and lace textures.








Another well-known brand is Cambria. Its biggest selling point for most people is the fact that it is the only brand that is made entirely in the USA. Like Silestone, it comes in a wide variety of color options and can be tailored to suit individual tastes.






How To Maintain Them

  • Avoid abrasive cleansers and harsh chemicals
  • Avoid cutting foods directly on the surface without a cutting board. Although very hard, the surface can be scratched if enough downward force is asserted.
  • Avoid scraping sticky messes off the counters.
  • Always use a trivet under pans, deep fryers, and crock pots. The resins that are used to create them are not indestructible.
  • If you spill something, clean it up as soon as you can.
  • If you have to remove gum or paint, used a plastic scraper to gently scrape away the mess.
  • If you find oil stains on your counter, use a cleanser with a degreasing agent that is labelled as safe for use on quartz.












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