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Cool Kitchen Ideas For 2017


For many of us, the kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s where the family convenes every night for dinner. It’s where homework is done and family meetings are had. And it’s where guests gather even though the dining room table is set and a fire is roaring in the living room. There’s something about the kitchen that makes it far more than merely a utilitarian space. If you’re thinking about updating your kitchen this year, check out these hot trends.

Create the kitchen of your dreams with these top trends for 2017:

Mixing metals. Using different metal accents is a way to add a luxurious look to any kitchen renovation.  It is totally appropriate to mix metal finishes in your faucet, cabinet pulls, chair legs and pendants, all present an opportunity for you to express your personal style and be bold with your use of color. Play around with the metal in your Kitchen, but don’t go overboard. Choose a metal you love to be the most prominent in your space.


Multi-purpose Kitchen Island. We all love our small appliances, but we may not want them on display all the time. One top kitchen design trend that have sections of the upper cabinet extended onto the counter. It has been the go-to solution to disguise the microwave and dishwasher. By having the upper cabinets extended to the counter and small appliances sitting behind doors.


Painted Various Shades. Choosing paint colors can be a time-consuming and frustrating process when there are so many shades to choose from, but you can try grey & beige it can turn the room from drab to sophisticated. Cabinetry painted warmer tones such as grey & beige, taupe and mushroom. Islands in a different color or stain than the perimeter cabinetry will always on trend. It also adds personality and charm and the kitchen then looks like it has evolved over time.


Bright and White Kitchens will never go out of style. It is because they’re pure, clean, and great-looking in any style. But after years of white on white kitchens, we want something different again. We want our  kitchen with all the importance and function yet all the style to go along with the rest of your home. You might not want to paint an entire kitchen in one color to stand out from the crowd, the tendency in 2017 will be to mix natural wood, paint and metals in the kitchen. Try framing the range hood and the island in chrome to add sparkle to the space. Add texture to your cabinetry with a mix of light wood veneered lowers and white lacquered uppers.


Dark metals. The dark finishes can work in sleek modern kitchens of cooking spaces. Polished chrome and nickel accents are giving way to black faucets, burnished steel pendants and matte black cabinetry handles. The cool thing about embracing the blacker hues is that we have a range of different black finishes. You can stay on trend with the dark colors, but still, add your own unique touch with an individual choice of finish.


Ground Up Floor Tile. Tired of the same old subway tile? Try a colorful, simple yet encaustic tiles on-trend square shape has a charming shingle-like effect. But make sure you choose Kitchen flooring that is waterproof, stain resistant and scratch proof, as well as easy to clean.Make your flooring beautifully patterned floor tiles  they’re definitely the standout piece in this stylish kitchen.



Black Appliances. For those who are looking forward to decorate a modern kitchen with black appliances but still on trend. Plain old stainless steel has its merits, but in a small kitchen, a giant swath of silvery metal. The modernism offered by the straight shaped black appliances can save a lot from the room space of your kitchen.This can only mean one thing that they will not only look good, but they will also work extremely will last long.


Back-splash Subway. Why would you stick to just one color when you can give your kitchen a totally unexpected look simply by mixing variant hues of the same color? Using subway tiles in your kitchen may add a traditional feel to a place, but their look certainly never gets old. Choose a color that is simple and friendly look, single-color tiles back-splashes and counter-tops will do the trick. You can place the tiles horizontally or vertically for a bolder appearance.


Personal Taste. In the end the most trendy is choosing your own style and creating a unique, personal aesthetic. When you find yourself enthusiastic about home improvements you have probably seen your ideal kitchen. Create your own visual style and start it with your dream kitchen!




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